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Setting up Sponsorship

Remember, our target is to raise tens of thousands of pounds for our three causes.

Now it's time for us to focus on Sponsorship.

Sponsorship is potentially the most exciting part of this whole process. It's the bit where you see how much people are willing to support you. Know this, it's more than you may think. It's also the bit where you get to do something tangible, something measurable to make a difference in the world. And there's a real sense of achievement that comes with that.

We've devised a special plan for Sponsorship using an online system called, VirginMoneyGiving. This has a number of advantages for us:

  • It's simple, automatic and powerful.
  • It makes it very easy for people to give, using secure online methods to instantly take payments from friends. You don't have to go chasing after people with a clipboard.
  • It uses the awesome power of the internet! You can literally email your whole address book. You can upload pictures, videos and links to make the maximum impact.
  • Every single penny that you raise (after VirginMoneyGiving charges and some very minimal amin costs) will go to our three causes, split equally between them.
  • Gift Aid is automatically added, which will increase our overall total by tens of thousands.
  • You get access to tips, ideas and strategies for increasing your support.
  • It's interactive. People can see your running total and leave you messages of support. It's actually pretty exciting.

We've set up a VirginMoneyGiving event for Love Running Manchester to make it easy for you. As we go on we'll explain more of the Sponsorship strategy and get you to start sending out emails. But for now, your job is just to set up your own personal VirginMoneyGiving page.

It just takes 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Visit and click on the blue 'Make Your Page' button to start raising money for Love Running Manchester. Because you're not receiving any benefit from us as a result of your fund raising, you're completely entitled to Gift Aid from UK taxpayers.
  2. Set up an account if you don't already have one. Enter your details and make sure you tick the box that allows Love Running Manchester to see your details. It helps us keep score.
  3. When asked for the event you're taking part in, search for Manchester 10k and select that.
  4. Choose a web address for your page and you're done. Click here for a sample message and an example page to get you started.
  5. Set yourself a Sponsorship target. All Love Runners commit to raising a minimum of £120, but why stop there? We've got four levels for you to choose from. £200 is the Bronze medal target. £300 will get you a Silver medal, £500 will get you Gold and £1,000 will get you Platinum. So what will go for? Be adventurous, people respond to big visions!

Remember, our target together is to raise between £15,000 and £20,000 for our causes. Just think what kind of a difference that money could make to the poor, the oppressed and the needy. We could literally change lives.

Okay, enough talking. Go ahead and make your page. Do it now, while you're at a computer. It's pretty easy, but if you have any problems just let us know.

If you don't have regular access to the internet then you can kick it old school by printing off these Sponsor Forms.