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Running Club

In running, as with so much of life, there's strength in numbers. The best way to progress is usually with others. That's why we've set up a special running club for Love Runners. It's a guaranteed way to transform your training from dull, solo grind into fun, social time.

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The Love Running Club is for people of all levels, from complete novices to experienced runners. We split into groups and cover techniques, as well as fitness and drills. Above all we have fun!

For the stronger runners, we'll start at 30mins on week one and we will be building up the time and distance as we get closer to the race (about 5 mins a week). This group is for people that are looking to increase their distance and is not suitable for beginners.

Click here ( for John’s inspiring Running Club video.

If you have any questions about the Running Club, just contact

John O'Keeffe