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Launch Seminar

Our Launch Seminar is the official start to Love Running. Here's your chance to catch up, if you missed out, or just refresh your memory:

What's the Rumpus?

Philip Jinadu Mark Cowling introduced the Launch Seminar with an overview of what Love Running is all about, why we're doing it, and how it works. It's vision, basically.


  • Three Causes
  • Those suffering illness (The Christie)
  • Those suffering water poverty (Tearfund Uganda Water Aid)
  • "He who saves one life, saves the whole world entire."

Shaping Up

John O'Keeffe went through everything you need to know to succeed in running. These essential training tips that will take you from zero to hero.


  • Have Fun
  • Expand Your Definition of Fun
  • Run like a Happy Dog
  • You are not alone
  • The snot rocket is your friend
  • Buy some Fridge Magnets
  • Double Knot your laces

Earn Your Tshirt

Earn Your Tshirt Mark Cowling goes through the basics of how to succeed in raising money - what resources are on offer, how to use them and the goals to set yourself.


  • People want to give. Help Them!
  • Help them connect with You
  • Help them connect with the Causes
  • Help them with Humour
  • Help them with Creativity
  • Help them with Updates
  • Help them with Persistence

7 Things You Need to Know

Ben & Claire Akin-SmithMark Cowling outlined the 7 most important things that every Love Runner needs to know - including the post-race events.


  • Communications
  • Life Training
  • Race Day
  • Celebrations